The 2008 International Lupins Conference was held in Fremantle, Western Australia between the 14th and the 18th of September, 2008.

The conference material is divided into three categories for your selection:

The papers relating to Plant Protection are listed below.

Simon McKirdy
Greg Shea
Darryl Hardie
David Eagling
D. Eagling
Why plant biosecurity?

G.J. Thomas
W.J. MacLeod
Occurrence of root and hypocotyl diseases in lupin crops in the northern wheatbelt of Western Australia

R. Jones
B. Coutts
G. Buirchell
S. Wylie
Bean yellow mosaic virus in lupins: strains, losses, epidemiology and control

Greg Shea
Geoff Thomas
Bevan Buirchell
Moin Salam
Simon McKirdy
Mark Sweetingham
Case study: Industry response to the lupin anthracnose incursion in Western Australia

R. Riegel
M. Almarza
E. von Baer
M. Muñoz
Virulence analysis of different haplotypes of Colletotrichum lupini isolates from southern Chile

T.M. Maling
R.A.C. Jones
K. Siddique
D. Thackray
A. Diggle
Forecasting Green-bridge Mediated Disease in the South-West of Australia

Wolfgang Heidel Evaluation of long time field trials of different measure of plant protection in the cultivation of lupins in Northern Germany / Mecklenburg – Western Pomerania

A.S. Yakusheva
M.V. Svist
Population structure of lupin anthracnose in Russia

David Luckett
Ray Cowley
Mark Richards
David Roberts
Improved methodology for screening for resistance to Pleiochaeta setosa root rot in Lupinus albus