The 2008 International Lupins Conference was held in Fremantle, Western Australia between the 14th and the 18th of September, 2008.

The conference material is divided into three categories for your selection:

The papers relating to Agronomy & Production are listed below.

Clancy Michael Profitable and sustainable lupin production: A WA grower’s perspective

Anthony Biddle Spring Lupins in UK agriculture – experiences and challenges

J.A. Palta
J.D. Berger
C. Ludwig
Growth and yield of narrow-leafed lupin: Myths and realities

Claudia Harcha
David Calderini
Grain yield and biomass production of three cultivars of Lupinus luteus with different crop architecture

Glen Riethmuller
Bob French
Peter White
Successful lupin establishment in Western Australia

David McNaughton An update on the current level of commercial development of lupins in the UK

Ullalena Boström Intercropping narrow-leafed lupin with cereals for whole crop silage at two times of harvesting

Herwart Böhm
Andreas Bramm
Karen Aulrich
Gerhard Ruhl
Effect of different sowing densities in mixed cultivation of blue lupin (Lupinus angustifolius) with spring crops on yield and quality

John Howieson The enigma of root-nodule bacteria associated with Lupinus spp. in Western Australian agriculture

Vojislav Mihailovic
George D. Hill
Boban Lazarevic
Fred Eickmeyer
Aleksandar Mikic
Dorde Krstic
Goran Dugalic
Performance of blue lupin cultivars on a pseudogley soil in Serbia

H.S. Dhammu
W.J. MacLeod
C. Roberts
P.L.M. Payne
M.F. D'Antuono
Interaction of brown leaf spot with post-emergence herbicides in narrow-leafed lupin

Bob French
Pierre Fievez
Martin Harries
Management options to increase grain protein content of Australian Sweet White lupin (Lupinus angustifolius) in Western Australia

A. Berk
A. Bramm
H. Böhm
K. Aulrich
G. Rühl
The nutritive value of lupins in sole cropping systems and mixed intercropping with spring cereals for grain production

Erik von Baer Efficiency and quality in the production of sweet lupin

Glen Riethmuller Successful lupin harvesting

Vojislav Mihailovic
George D Hill
Aleksandar Mikic
Branko Cupina
Sanja Vasiljevic
White lupin as a forage crop on alkaline soils

Maria da Paz Campos Andrada
Eliseu Bettencourt
Luisa Louro Martins
The agronomic potential of a new sweet, narrow-leafed lupin cultivar for cultivation in Portugal

J.R. Peirce and B.J. Rayner Lupin tolerance to the herbicide clopyralid when used in a rotation with cereals to control skeleton weed (Chondrilla juncea L.)