The 2008 International Lupins Conference was held in Fremantle, Western Australia between the 14th and the 18th of September, 2008.

The conference material is divided into three categories for your selection:

The papers relating to Food & Health are listed below.

Anna Arnoldi Nutraceutical properties of white and narrow-leaved lupin

B. Dijkink
V. Miedendorp de Bie
W. Blom
Altering lupine flour for the food industry

Penelope Smith
Danica Goggin
Gisela Mir
Emilie Cameron
Helen Colinet
Martin Stuckey
William Smith
Susan Prescott
Velencia Soutter
Robert H. Loblay
Characterisation of allergenic proteins in lupin seeds and the relationship between peanut and lupin allergens

Marcello Duranti Modern approaches and recent achievements in studying the impact of white lupin seed proteins on human nutrition and health

J.M. Hodgson
Y.P. Lee
Potential for benefit of lupin on obesity and cardiovascular disease risk in humans

P. Garzón-de la Mora
J.R. Villafán-Bernal
C. Gurrola-Díaz
D.C. Brune
P.M. García- López
M.A. Ruiz-López
Lupin albus seed globulins induce hypoglycemia and hypotriglyceridemia in wistar rats

Vijay Jayasena
Peggy Leung
Syed M Nasar-Abbas
Development and quality evaluation of lupin fortified instant noodles

Soon-Bin Neoh Opportunities for the use of lupins in Asian food and animal feeds

Carmen M. Gurrola-Díaz
Maria Inés Borelli
Anna Przybyl
Ana E. González-Santiago
P. Garzon de la Mora
Pedro M. García-Lopez
Insulin secretion effect of 2, 17-dioxosparteine, 17-thionosparteine, multiflorine, and 17-hydroxy-lupanine on rat Langerhan's islets

C. Fryirs
B. Eisenhaur
M. Prica
S. Duckworth
Luteins in lupins - An eye for health

Brett Glencross Harvesting the benefits of lupin meals in aquaculture

S. Sipsas Lupin products - concepts and reality

Mark Sweetingham
Ross Kingwell
Lupin products - concepts and reality

P. Klos
E. Poreba
E. Springer
E. Lampart-Szczapa
A. Gozdzicka-Józefiak
The potential of narrow-leafed lupin proteins for binding specific and unspecific IgEs from human sera

P. Garzón-de la Mora
J.R. Villafán-Bernal
C. Gurrola-Díaz
D.C. Brune
P.M. García- López
M.A. Ruiz-López
L. exaltatus alkaloids induces hypoglycemia and hypotriglyceridemia in normal and diabetic wistar rats

D. Resta
G. Boschin
A. D’Agostina
A. Arnoldi
Quantification of quinolizidine alkaloids in lupin seeds, lupin-based ingredients and foods

P. Garzón-de la Mora
M. Meneses-Medina
A. Ramirez-Zermeño
L.E. Moreno-Sandoval
P.M. García-López
J. Garcia-Estrada
Sparteine inhibition of non convulsive seizures and memory preservation in wistar rats

M.E. Flores-Soto
J. Bañuelos-Pineda
C. Beas-Zárate
Evaluation of cortical and hippocampal cholinergic systems in rats treated with sparteine

S. Wang
J. Clements
Antioxidant activities of lupin seeds