The 2008 International Lupins Conference was held in Fremantle, Western Australia between the 14th and the 18th of September, 2008.

The conference material is divided into three categories for your selection:

The papers relating to Physiology & Ecology are listed below.

Craig Atkins
Penny Smith
Caren Rodriguez
Lupin - a model grain legume species for studies of translocation and signaling

Gisela Jansen Effects of temperature on the yield and protein content of cultivars of Lupinus angustifolius

Ruth Eastwood
Christopher Drummond
Maria Teresa Schifino-Wittmann
Colin Hughes
Diversity and evolutionary history of Lupins – insights from new phylogenies

J.D. Berger
B.J. Buirchell
J.A. Palta
C. Ludwig
D.J. Luckett
D. Shrestha
Ecogeography of the Old World Lupins: Characterising the habitat range

Barbara Adomas
Agnieszka I Piotrowicz-Cieslak
Yellow lupin is a good bioindicator of soil contamination with sulfamethazine

Wen Chen
Vanessa Dunbabin
Richard Bell
Bill Bowden
Ross Brennan
Simulating and understanding root growth using ROOTMAP to guide phosphorus fertiliser placement in wide row lupin cropping systems

Ruth Eastwood
Colin Hughes
Origins of domestication of Lupinus mutabilis in the Andes

N. Espinoza
M. Mera
Some broadleaf herbicides used in mix with glyphosate may hinder the growth of narrow-leafed lupins

Eleonora Lampart-Szczapa
Zbigniew Krejpcio
Jerzy Szukala
Katarzyna Czaczyk
Joanna Suliburska
Anna Hoffmann
Influence of cultivation conditions on lupin grains tannins and phytate contents as well as minerals (Ca, Mg, Fe, Zn, Cu) bioaccessibility

Kedar Adhikari
Bevan Buirchell
Mark Sweetingham
Effect of vernalisation on various lupin species at different time intervals

Wolfgang Merbach
Friederike Danz
Heidrun Beschow
Annette Deubel1
Wolfgang Gans
Silke Ruppel
Effect of nitrogen and potassium supply on yield and biological N2-fixation of blue lupin (Lupinus angustifolious L.)

Leigh Smith
Peter White
Mark Sweetingham
Phosphorus requirements of new released lupins varieties

Alessandra D’Agostina
Giovanna Boschin
Donatella Resta
Paolo Annicchiarico
Anna Arnoldi
Evolution of isoflavones during the growth of plants of Lupinus albus L.

Elizabeth Hernández Ferretiz
Rubi K-yeneida Rivera Meléndez
Oscar Javier Ramos Herrera Florencia del Carmen Salinas Pérez
Mario Rodríguez Monroy
Kalina Bermúdez Torres
Effect of scarification treatments on germination of Lupinus montanus HBK seeds